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An Introduction to Thoroughbred Ownership

Some things about racing have changed since the old footage to the left was shot, but the basics remain the same. For me the best owners are the ones that are well educated about what to expect from their horse ownership experience and know how to use that knowledge to make the experience a pleasurable one. To that end, this section presents some information to get you off on the right "hoof" in your thoroughbred venture.

By now you must have some interest, and perhaps even some knowledge of the Thoroughbred Industry, or you would not be here at this web site. What an exciting and at the same time challenging business! The beauty of these powerful animals is beyond comparison. Over the years I have experienced everything from the top stakes horses to watching the youngsters develop into majestic racehorses. Every foal crop is a new challenge, and new faces. It never is exactly the same from year to year. An old saying in the business is "breed the best to the best and hope for the best" and I could add "and hope they don't fall into any potholes along the way"!

The getting started section will tell you about the basics of getting started in the thoroughbred business, some different types of horse ownership options, and how to acquire a horse.

After you "get started" there is some basic information that should be helpful regarding bloodstock agents, trainers, how horses are transported, what role veterinarians play in the care of your horse, information about equine insurance options, tax basics, and a reference library.

I hope you find this information useful, whether you are thinking about becoming an owner, or are already an existing owner.

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